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        • In Company 3.0

          NEW Edition

          New edition of the highly-successful course for established business professionals

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        • The Business 2.0

          Second Edition

          Building the next business generation

          More info Resources
        • Get Ready for International Business

          For students at the start of their professional career.

          More info Resources
        • The Business

          Original Edition

          For our businessmen and women of the future

          More info Resources
        • In Company

          Original and Second Edition

          For established business professionals

          More info Resources
        • Independent Study

          & Class Supplementary

          For business grammar, vocabulary and photocopiables

          More info Resources
        • Business English Skills Series

          For focused skills development

          More info Resources
        • Business Exams Preparation

          For those preparing for BEC or LCCI EfB exams

          More info Resources
        • Business Basics

          For business survival and lower-level business English learners

          More info Resources
        • English For Specific Purposes

          For Aviation, Law Enforcement and the Military

          More info Resources

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